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21 Resources for Funding Your Startup

The best resources for funding your startup - from finding VCs and angels to non-dilutive funding to templates for cold outreach.
21 Resources for Funding Your Startup
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Funding your startup is challenging - I want to make it easier.

A couple of months ago, I tweeted this thread on fundraising:

It went bonkers, with 150,000 people viewing it 🤯

The problem? It's difficult to find and bookmark threads on Twitter. So here we are, with a blog post aggregating all of the resources.

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Angel Directory by First Round Capital

This resource lets you search by:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Support areas
  • Check size
  • Company stages
  • Categories

Signal by nfx

This funding resource includes :

  • Pre-seed, Seed, Series A, Series B
  • Investors by location
  • Angels, scouts, and solo-capitalists
  • 80 different categories

600 US Women Angel Investors by Lolita Taub

This funding resource includes:

  • Name and organization
  • Description and job title
  • Investment stage
  • Twitter profile
  • Number of investments + exits

The No-Warm-Intro-Required Investor List by Yuliya Bel

This funding resource includes:

  • Airtable database
  • 300 investors
  • No contact info included (Find emails with https://hunter.io or Twitter DM)

OpenVC by Steph Nass

This funding resource includes:

  • Target countries
  • Check size
  • Funding stage
  • Funding requirements

Active Investors by Hustle Fund

The Gen Z VC Community by Meagan Loyst

Gen Z VC is a global collective of 14,000+ Gen Z:

  • VCs
  • Founders
  • Angel investors
  • Startup enthusiasts
  • Aspiring VCs

The Active Investor List by Trace Cohen

This funding resource includes:

  • 400 investors
  • Name, email, check size, area of focus

The Ultimate List of 750+ Seed Funds

This funding resource includes:

  • Name
  • Sectors
  • LinkedIn
  • Website
  • Crunchbase

The Non-Dilutive Funding Toolkit by Alex Macdonald

This funding resource includes info on:

  • Grants
  • Credit cards
  • R & D tax credits
  • Revenue-based financing
  • Term loans & credit facilities

Commonapp.VC by Confluence.VC

Created by:

They help your startup get seen by a community of investors.

1,000+ Woman VCs by Christoph Janz

A list of investors worth following on Twitter

A Crowdsourced List of Fundraising Resources

The replies to the tweet below include:

  • Books
  • Blogs
  • Communities
  • People to follow

The Startup-Investor Matching Tool by Lolita Taub

  • 3.7K+ intros made between startups and investors since May 2020
  • Post intros, they've heard of 51 checks written, totaling $7 Million

Alternative Funding Options Crowdsourced by Me 😉

A few of the top replies to the tweet below:

How to Get Funding For Your Startup That’s *Not* Venture Capital by Miki Reynolds and Gefen Skolnick

This Medium article includes a ton of resources for funding your startup including:

  • Crowdfunding
  • Angel Investors
  • Grants
  • Small Bank Loans
  • Pitch Competitions

And more!

For Better Cold Emails to Raise Funding

This thread below by Sahil Bloom for cold outreach includes details on:

  • High-conversion subject line
  • Personalized opener
  • Concise pitch
  • Social proof
  • Simple closing CTA

A Cold Email Format from Gale Wilkinson

How to Raise a Seed Round by Elizabeth Yin

This funding resource includes:

  • Strategy
  • Preparation
  • Meeting with and closing investors

Pitch Deck Hunt by Maximilian Fleitmann

This funding resource includes decks from:

  • Shopify
  • AirBnb
  • Uber
  • Coinbase

And many more!

Inspiration from Mac Conwell

Mac, the Managing Partner at Rarebreed Ventures, took 1,128 meetings to raise the first $3M for his fund.

In his Medium article, he shares just how he did it.

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