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If you’re currently an entrepreneur or investor on your grind, then this podcast should definitely be part of your weekly content diet! No matter the guest, you’ll gain a golden nugget of advice or strategy. Not to mention, Justin is consistently giving us a masterclass on what it means to be a fantastic interviewer.

Let's go!!

Justin and his talented guests offer actionable advice around building a business and getting through the grind. Thanks so much for putting out such a spectacular show, Justin - keep up the great work!


This show is great! I love how authentic and grounded the host, Justin, is. The most recent episode really stood out to me because entrepreneurs are always looking for the best ways to “level up” and scale their businesses!

Knack for asking questions

About 2-3 times each episode I find myself asking the interviewee a question in my head and Justin follows through by asking that exact question every time. He has a great understanding of how to fill in gaps of information to give the audience a holistic picture of the interviewee’s background, process, goals, etc.

Just go grind-episode 127 with Peter Peng

Justin did a fantastic job in hitting all the keypoints I would have asked. He never interrupted and was very professional.

Learn and Grow with Justin

Motivational. Inspirational. Great way to start the day. Justin has done a great job of bringing on top talent individuals that are paving the way for our future. Great chance to get a look into their day to day, understand how they think, and get ideas for how to be better in your everyday life.

Great interviews

Justin is a great interviewer. Smart, funny, asks good questions. Awesome line up of guests. A new addition to my startup podcast rotation.

Natural host with a flair for this stuff

Justin makes the interviewee feel completely at ease and has an almost magical ability to get to the right questions to bring value to his listeners while letting the interviewee speak freely. A+

Impressive Host

Just found JGG and after listening to an episode, it felt right to leave a stellar review. Justin is a natural host and look forward to more from my newly subscribed channel.

Great podcast

Justin has such great energy! Great podcast that teaches basics of entrepreneurship to help get you off your butt and make your dreams happen!

Love this podcast!

Justin is a great interviewer and listener. He asks thoughtful questions and has a great banter with all his guests. Great podcast and recommend to anyone interested in entrepreneurship and/or investing!

So great, can’t get enough!

Justin is amazing. I’ve been listening one episode after the next and can’t stop. He has super interesting guests and really great conversations. Highly recommend it!

Great stuff

I recently guested on this show and had a great experience. Justin asks really interesting and topical questions and is clearly well prepared. Excellent conversation for anyone interested in entrepreneurship.

Awesome Podcast!!!

Justin, host of the Just Go Grind podcast, highlights all aspects of business, entrepreneurship and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!


I look forward to listening in every week. Great variety of interviews and I often pick up something worthwhile to dig into deeper.

Great interviewer

Justin is great at what he does! Wonderful to get insights into the minds and lives of entreprenuers through his converstaions.

Nuts and bolts for entrepreneurs through storytelling

Justin asks open ended questions that get to the heart of how entrepreneurs got started and how the listener can too!

Interesting and Informative Podcast!

Justin does an excellent job of diving into the stories of entrepreneurs: how they got to where they are now as well as getting his interviewees to provide advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. His conversational tone combined with in depth questions provides a great listening experience.

A must for current & future entrepreneurs

A straight-shooter, Justin gets to the point and asks the most insightful and thoughtful questions. He is so great as a host which is apparent through the great selection of successful entrepreneurs that he brings onto the show. Highly recommend for anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship, start-up culture and new ventures.

An inspiring podcast

Justin hosts interesting people with diverse background, asking them the right questions and you have the option to just enjoy and learn many professional as well as psychological insights for your career no matter which one it is- extremely relevant to entrepreneurs. Highly recommended.

Amazing content with inspiring stories!!!

This is one of my favorite podcasts! love the relevant advice these entrepreneurs give which inspires me to take action and explore my interests. I appreciate the vulnerability, candor, and resilience these entrepreneurs exude and Justin is able to ask all the right questions to get it out of them! 5 stars!

Great podcast!

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I’ve learned a lot from the great guests Justin regularly hosts. Highly recommend to all people interested in starting their own business!

Must Listen!

Justin turns out great content and impressive guests on a frequent basis. He has a true knack for turning out valuable content for any entrepreneur or anyone working on a side hustle.

Great information on this podcast

I love listening to Just Go Grind for the real stories about what it’s like to make a business. Justin is a great interviewer, and there’s so much useful information in his episodes for those interested in what startup and business life is really like!

Informative and inspirational

As an aspiring entrepreneur, this podcast gives me lots of useful information and inspiration

Great Podcast

Justin is really personable and I really enjoy listening on my drives. Would recommend for anybody looking into entrepreneurship

Great Podcast !

I am sure Justin will continue to inspire many entrepreneurs. His human qualities and interpersonal skills make him very unique. With Justin you always are in good hands !

Great Podcast with Applicable Lessons

Justin is a natural conversationalist. His entrepreneurial experience and the incredible talent he brings onto the show share unique perspective that anyone can benefit from. This is an absolute must for me.


Interesting and informative podcasts. Justin has passion for the business. He wants to challenge and inform his listeners. Enjoyable!

Highly Valuable Resource

This podcast is incredibly valuable for anyone who one day wants to start and grow a start up.

Great podcast for my commute!

Such a great podcast full of valuable entrepreneurship life lessons!

Awesome podcast

I recommend listening to this podcast if you are interested in learning about the start-up space

Great Listen!

Justin is very knowledgeable and knows the right questions to ask to get the most valuable information out of his speakers. Each interview offers new nuggets and great perspective. I highly recommend!!!

Great for entrepreneurs

Justin has a great style and his amazing guest share what it really takes to start a business.

Great sharing on the whole business ecosystem

The most amazing part of this podcast is you can listen to the insights, actual experience and knowledge from lot of unique talent, so that you can know broader and deeper about the biz essence. It could also be a good networking pathway if you could get in touch with Justin.

This man is the truth!

Super impressed with the selection of interviewees and their journeys!

Must listen!

I highly recommend listening to Justin as the content is very strong and he asks thought provoking questions to interesting speakers.

Just Go Grind

A lot of amazing guests and their views on business and their journey is truly a good value addition

Entrepreneur or interested?

Then this is a great podcast to check out. Justin always brings in interesting guest and keeps things engaging with listeners! Great way to listen and learn!


It’s the podcast you cannot miss! Love it!

Great interviews, easy to listen

Justin does a great job connecting with a wide range of entrepreneurs and business-savvy guests. Really easy to fit episodes in on my commute or between classes. Great content!

Amazing podcast for students

As you are figuring out your career path either as an undergrad or MBA student, this podcast is a great tool to explore and learn the in and outs of different career paths.

Amazing podcast

I highly suggest this podcast for anyone interested in start-ups

Great content!

This is a great podcast - super insightful and fun to listen to. I’m also amazed with the variety of guests Justin is able to bring in!

Great Podcast

Justin is fantastic. Always has interestings guests and is a great host.

A must-listen for aspiring entrepreneurs!

The podcast is fantastic for those thinking about starting their own businesses! Justin offers a fresh perspective through the variety of guests he brings on the show. Highly recommend!

Always something new!

I love hearing from entrepreneurs in different industries and truly understanding how they became successful. Justin has great energy and a new perspective that I look forward to hearing each episode!

Thought-provoking discussions

I love this podcast! Justin is a phenomenal host who asks insightful questions to guide the conversation in a masterful way. It’s great to hear from real people about their passions, successes, challenges and professional journeys. Always excited to see who will be next on the show!


If you are thinking about creating a startup this podcast is a must. Justin’s conversational style has entrepreneurs at ease to talk about their failures and success. It’s definitely worth a listen.


Great source of insight, information and differing perspectives within the entrepreneurial ecosystem!

Engaging speakers and knowledgeable host

Justin has the special gift of sourcing speakers from a range of industries and backgrounds. I’ve learned a great deal about entrepreneurship by listening to his podcasts, and love that he provides plenty of time for his guests to share their own success stories.

Must listen for budding entrepreneurs

Great guests and perspectives. Always walk away with fresh insights!

Always a good learning

The interviews are amazing, very insightful and useful for any kind of people thinking about business. Justin make us think we are inside the conversation and keep our attention with the right questions.

Great content

Always very interesting and helpful to entrepreneurs!

Amazing guests!

Justin’s guests all have amazing backgrounds and inspiring stories. There’s something for everyone!

Great Content for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

I’ve been listening for the past few weeks when I’m driving solo. Really articulate and engaging host, and I love how he pulls guests from a variety of industries and backgrounds. Highly recommend checking the podcast out or at least scroll down the list of the remarkable individuals Justin has covered.

Excellent Podcast

Inspirational content and great speakers!

Relatable voice of the entreprenuer!

Justin's podcast is relatable and refreshing amidst the often patronizing world of entreprenuership podcasts. His interviews are interesting and engaging, and I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking for a fresh voice in this space.


Just what I needed to get me over the hump. Highly recommend!

Just Go Grind is a must listen!

For those trying to start a new business or are unsure of their career aspirations , Just Go Grind can help enlighten your path. I personally have gotten great advice for the Venture Capital industry from Justin’s interviews and am constantly looking for the next episode to drop!


Love to hear directly from entrepreneurs across different industries!

Inspired storytelling

Just Go Grind is an insightful experience listening into the lives of founders and business operators across industries. Justin Gordon has an incredible talent for connecting with his guests and creating an environment to tell their unique stories. I enjoy the diversity of experience and goals his guests bring to the show.

Must Listen!

Justin tracks down some the best minds out there across a wide array of industries. A home run podcast in my book.

Great Part of the Podcast Routine!

Setting my sights on starting a business of my own and this is a great resource for the jitters in me from time to time. Just Go Grind for kicking it off and Masters of Scale for scaling it up. That's my podcast routine!

Great insight!

If you’re an entrepreneur or hope to be in the future, this podcast is for you! The guests come from diverse backgrounds and each one has their own nugget to share about entrepreneurship.

Awesome Content!

Motivaitonal content about what it takes to make it in the entrepreneurial space

Great Show

Cool podcast about entrepreneurship with great insights from both the host and the guests. Definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re interested in starting your own business!

Insightful and Inspirational

Justin is a great host! I learn something new every episode and listening has really inspired me to follow my dreams. A listen in the morning guarantees that I do some great grinding in the afternoon!

Love the stories!

Great and relevant content - love it

Great podcast

Really enjoy hearing the unique perspectives from the variety of guests

Great podcast!

Love the variety of guests in the show!

Worth a listen

Even if you’re not considering starting a business, Check out these interesting conversations. Justin has a fresh perspective worth a listen.


Great tips on how to start a business. Amazing listening to other entrepreneurs start their businesses. You will get great advice if you’re looking to start a business.

Great Content!!

Justin’s podcast is so useful to identify what may be coming next in the workplace. I listen to many podcasts but mostly as background noise. Justin’s is worth actively listening to and acting on. His questioning is sharp without being abrasive and his interview style is engaging and will hold your interest. He comes to each interview definitely representing the listener. So definitely take a listen!

Great Resource for Up and Coming Entrepreneurs

Absolutely love listening to this podcast, and I would highly recommend it to any entrepreneur trying to launch and grow their business!

Great listen for entrepreneurs

Justin’s podcast is inspiring and thought provoking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit. Justin makes his guests feel comfortable and asks the right questions in order to draw out each individual’s unique story. Highly recommend for those who are inspired by hearing about the success of others and the road they took to get there.

Great stories about starting from zero.

What I like best so far is how these people started without any major capital or other advantage. I also like hearing about how they overcame the business challenges along the way.

A go-to podcast for entrepreneurs

Just Go Grind is my go to podcast to gain knowledge and inspiration to grow my fitness business. I highly recommend tuning in - you’ll feel the same way!

Inspiring and Motivational!

What a great idea for a podcast! Justin is providing a great resource with Just Go Grind - you get to hear the background stories of many successful entrepreneurs and useful strategies and insights to move your idea or business forward.

Addicted to Justin’s passion!

Justin’s podcast style is so intriguing and intelligent. His interviews are not only educational, but also entertaining. His unique style truly brings out the best informational nuggets from his interviewees.

Clear, Concise, & Effective

Justin's podcast is an awesome resource for anyone looking to level up their life! The guests are top notch and Justin masterfully steers the conversation to get all of the actionable tips and details you can apply to your own life. Keep it up!

You can learn something from Everyone!

Love the preperation that can be seen in research Justin perfroms prior on each guest and his effort to continue to dig deeper into their journey/goals. This approach really allows the audience to familiarize themselves with the speakers and understand not only their how, but also their why.

Great for on the road

This is an awesome podcast while in the car on the road. Allows you to gather meaningful insight while dreaming big!

Inspirational and informational.

I love the focus on details in this podcast. I always get actionable items I can use in my own biz from each interview


Great podcast with thoughtful questions relevant to entrepreneurs at any stage of their business. If you haven't taken a listen yet I highly recommend it!


Justin motivates me to get off my butt and chase success

Great podcast!

This is a great podcast! Justin is prepared and knowledgeable on each guest that he interviews. He asks thoughtful questions that are helpful to any entrepreneur looking for insights, guidance and stories about how others have found their success. I highly recommend it!

Such an inspirational podcast

I really enjoy how Justin has a variety of guests on his podcast. The content is very inspirational and motivational. The PMSBOX episode was one of my favorite ones. Thanks for interviewing me and sharing my entrepreneurial story. 😎🤗

Excellent, supportive interviewer and engaging show

Justin is such a thoughtful interviewer—he empowers his guests to share their stories and his show is more useful as a tool for entrepreneurs, and interesting as entertainment for any listener, as a result. I hope he produces an episode on his own story one day!

Insightful and Engaging Podcast

This podcast has been truly inspiring to follow. The wide range of people Justin brings on and interviews has been remarkable. The enthusiasm in which he engages the interviewee is contagious and the listener can’t help but to be drawn in every step of the way.

The right questions for the right people

Love the access to successful entrepreneurs and the practical steps that they used to achieve their goals!

What a Great Idea!

Justin brings great ideas to life and to his faithful listeners. We are so impressed by his positive energy and his network of amazing people.

Powerful, applicable and on-point

I’ve loved listening to this podcast and seen first hand how the quality of guests is stellar. Highly recommended!


Extremely knowledgeable and an incredible host! Definitely worth a listen!

Seriously great content

Justin is one of the only business and entrepreneurial podcasts I actually looking forward to listening to. So many valuable insights from entrepreneurs that have actually been 'in the trenches' and done the hard work of building themselves up. Highly recommended!

Justin is the real deal

Justin is incredibly thoughtful about the way he approaches each episode. He does his homework and prepares personalized questions for each guest to really draw out what makes their story unique. I love listening to entrepreneurs and freelancers and creatives while they are mid-journey, not just once their company is famous and it's all 20/20 in hindsight.

Authentic & Inspiring

Justin does a great job getting a variety of entrepreneurs on this podcast. Being an entrepreneur can be challenging and lonely, but this podcast creates that "community" to help you move forward on your next step

Just Go Listen!!!

Justin is one of the best out there! An amazing personality, an awesome host, and a fantastic human being. Every time he brings a new host or subject, he does it with a purpose and with no wasted energy. In a world where we feel more pressed on time then ever, Just Go Grind NEEDS to be squeezed into your daily routine!!!

Fantastic Podcast for Entrepreneurs + Those Who Desire to Be One!

Justin is a skilled interviewer and his authenticity shines through in each of his interviews. This is evident by his thoughtful questions that truly provide a well-rounded picture of an entrepreneur’s experience. After listening, I feel less isolated in my own journey and more inspired.

Amazing Podcast

As an entrepreneur, being able to have resources to understand other perspectives has been necessary for growth. The validation I receive from hearing other business owners stories is motivating. This podcast is an excellent start to any day. I highly recommend giving it a listen.

Honest & refreshing

So many podcasts tell the formulaic stories of success: had an idea; met some hurdles; overcame hurdles; became successful. Justin gets into the nitty gritty of mistakes and success in a relatable way. Highly recommend to anyone looking to start a business, startup voyeurs, or just loving that hustle life.

Super helpful and practical

Justin has a great podcast voice. Super insightful and practical with great guest speakers.

This podcast is awesome

Justin does such a great job of getting the most out of his guests. Always enjoyable and interesting!

So inspiring!

I love this podcast - there are so many inspiring stories and tips to work out what your next career step could be! Justin asks really insightful and cares so much about both his guests and listeners. Enjoy the show!

A Must Listen

Justin Gordon walks his talk. He’s constantly trying to improve and branch into new areas. This podcast is filled with real-world issues and ideas for anyone trying to find their passion. It’s a must listen!

Motivation In a Pod

If you are looking for that little push to help you try that “thing” you thought about doing but have been scared....this is the Pod for you. Justin is energy in human form and is just trying to be great while helping you find your greatness.

Highly Recommended

Just Go Grind is both highly intelligent and accessible to everyone. Justin combines his business acumen with good humor to create purposeful content that makes listening enjoyable.

Awesome Insight

I’m excited to hear more from this podcast. Great insights for those trying to figure out what they want to do for a career and the path to getting there from a diverse group of professionals. I also look forward to hearing more from MBA candidates as a possible future candidate myself.

Amazing podcast!

Love this podcast, great tips for finding a career or starting your own business as an entrepreneur. I’ll be listening to all of these