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Interesting and informative podcasts. Justin has passion for the business. He wants to challenge and inform his listeners. Enjoyable!

Highly Valuable Resource

This podcast is incredibly valuable for anyone who one day wants to start and grow a start up.

Great podcast for my commute!

Such a great podcast full of valuable entrepreneurship life lessons!

Awesome podcast

I recommend listening to this podcast if you are interested in learning about the start-up space

Great Listen!

Justin is very knowledgeable and knows the right questions to ask to get the most valuable information out of his speakers. Each interview offers new nuggets and great perspective. I highly recommend!!!

Great for entrepreneurs

Justin has a great style and his amazing guest share what it really takes to start a business.

Great sharing on the whole business ecosystem

The most amazing part of this podcast is you can listen to the insights, actual experience and knowledge from lot of unique talent, so that you can know broader and deeper about the biz essence. It could also be a good networking pathway if you could get in touch with Justin.

This man is the truth!

Super impressed with the selection of interviewees and their journeys!

Must listen!

I highly recommend listening to Justin as the content is very strong and he asks thought provoking questions to interesting speakers.

Just Go Grind

A lot of amazing guests and their views on business and their journey is truly a good value addition

Entrepreneur or interested?

Then this is a great podcast to check out. Justin always brings in interesting guest and keeps things engaging with listeners! Great way to listen and learn!


It’s the podcast you cannot miss! Love it!

Great interviews, easy to listen

Justin does a great job connecting with a wide range of entrepreneurs and business-savvy guests. Really easy to fit episodes in on my commute or between classes. Great content!

Amazing podcast for students

As you are figuring out your career path either as an undergrad or MBA student, this podcast is a great tool to explore and learn the in and outs of different career paths.

Amazing podcast

I highly suggest this podcast for anyone interested in start-ups

Great content!

This is a great podcast - super insightful and fun to listen to. I’m also amazed with the variety of guests Justin is able to bring in!

Great Podcast

Justin is fantastic. Always has interestings guests and is a great host.

A must-listen for aspiring entrepreneurs!

The podcast is fantastic for those thinking about starting their own businesses! Justin offers a fresh perspective through the variety of guests he brings on the show. Highly recommend!

Always something new!

I love hearing from entrepreneurs in different industries and truly understanding how they became successful. Justin has great energy and a new perspective that I look forward to hearing each episode!

Thought-provoking discussions

I love this podcast! Justin is a phenomenal host who asks insightful questions to guide the conversation in a masterful way. It’s great to hear from real people about their passions, successes, challenges and professional journeys. Always excited to see who will be next on the show!


If you are thinking about creating a startup this podcast is a must. Justin’s conversational style has entrepreneurs at ease to talk about their failures and success. It’s definitely worth a listen.


Great source of insight, information and differing perspectives within the entrepreneurial ecosystem!

Engaging speakers and knowledgeable host

Justin has the special gift of sourcing speakers from a range of industries and backgrounds. I’ve learned a great deal about entrepreneurship by listening to his podcasts, and love that he provides plenty of time for his guests to share their own success stories.

Must listen for budding entrepreneurs

Great guests and perspectives. Always walk away with fresh insights!

Always a good learning

The interviews are amazing, very insightful and useful for any kind of people thinking about business. Justin make us think we are inside the conversation and keep our attention with the right questions.

Great content

Always very interesting and helpful to entrepreneurs!

Amazing guests!

Justin’s guests all have amazing backgrounds and inspiring stories. There’s something for everyone!

Great Content for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

I’ve been listening for the past few weeks when I’m driving solo. Really articulate and engaging host, and I love how he pulls guests from a variety of industries and backgrounds. Highly recommend checking the podcast out or at least scroll down the list of the remarkable individuals Justin has covered.

Excellent Podcast

Inspirational content and great speakers!

Relatable voice of the entreprenuer!

Justin's podcast is relatable and refreshing amidst the often patronizing world of entreprenuership podcasts. His interviews are interesting and engaging, and I would recommend this podcast to anyone looking for a fresh voice in this space.