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Excellent, supportive interviewer and engaging show

Justin is such a thoughtful interviewer—he empowers his guests to share their stories and his show is more useful as a tool for entrepreneurs, and interesting as entertainment for any listener, as a result. I hope he produces an episode on his own story one day!

Insightful and Engaging Podcast

This podcast has been truly inspiring to follow. The wide range of people Justin brings on and interviews has been remarkable. The enthusiasm in which he engages the interviewee is contagious and the listener can’t help but to be drawn in every step of the way.

The right questions for the right people

Love the access to successful entrepreneurs and the practical steps that they used to achieve their goals!

What a Great Idea!

Justin brings great ideas to life and to his faithful listeners. We are so impressed by his positive energy and his network of amazing people.

Powerful, applicable and on-point

I’ve loved listening to this podcast and seen first hand how the quality of guests is stellar. Highly recommended!


Extremely knowledgeable and an incredible host! Definitely worth a listen!

Seriously great content

Justin is one of the only business and entrepreneurial podcasts I actually looking forward to listening to. So many valuable insights from entrepreneurs that have actually been 'in the trenches' and done the hard work of building themselves up. Highly recommended!

Justin is the real deal

Justin is incredibly thoughtful about the way he approaches each episode. He does his homework and prepares personalized questions for each guest to really draw out what makes their story unique. I love listening to entrepreneurs and freelancers and creatives while they are mid-journey, not just once their company is famous and it's all 20/20 in hindsight.

Authentic & Inspiring

Justin does a great job getting a variety of entrepreneurs on this podcast. Being an entrepreneur can be challenging and lonely, but this podcast creates that "community" to help you move forward on your next step

Just Go Listen!!!

Justin is one of the best out there! An amazing personality, an awesome host, and a fantastic human being. Every time he brings a new host or subject, he does it with a purpose and with no wasted energy. In a world where we feel more pressed on time then ever, Just Go Grind NEEDS to be squeezed into your daily routine!!!

Fantastic Podcast for Entrepreneurs + Those Who Desire to Be One!

Justin is a skilled interviewer and his authenticity shines through in each of his interviews. This is evident by his thoughtful questions that truly provide a well-rounded picture of an entrepreneur’s experience. After listening, I feel less isolated in my own journey and more inspired.

Amazing Podcast

As an entrepreneur, being able to have resources to understand other perspectives has been necessary for growth. The validation I receive from hearing other business owners stories is motivating. This podcast is an excellent start to any day. I highly recommend giving it a listen.

Honest & refreshing

So many podcasts tell the formulaic stories of success: had an idea; met some hurdles; overcame hurdles; became successful. Justin gets into the nitty gritty of mistakes and success in a relatable way. Highly recommend to anyone looking to start a business, startup voyeurs, or just loving that hustle life.

Super helpful and practical

Justin has a great podcast voice. Super insightful and practical with great guest speakers.

This podcast is awesome

Justin does such a great job of getting the most out of his guests. Always enjoyable and interesting!

So inspiring!

I love this podcast - there are so many inspiring stories and tips to work out what your next career step could be! Justin asks really insightful and cares so much about both his guests and listeners. Enjoy the show!

A Must Listen

Justin Gordon walks his talk. He’s constantly trying to improve and branch into new areas. This podcast is filled with real-world issues and ideas for anyone trying to find their passion. It’s a must listen!

Motivation In a Pod

If you are looking for that little push to help you try that “thing” you thought about doing but have been scared....this is the Pod for you. Justin is energy in human form and is just trying to be great while helping you find your greatness.

Highly Recommended

Just Go Grind is both highly intelligent and accessible to everyone. Justin combines his business acumen with good humor to create purposeful content that makes listening enjoyable.

Awesome Insight

I’m excited to hear more from this podcast. Great insights for those trying to figure out what they want to do for a career and the path to getting there from a diverse group of professionals. I also look forward to hearing more from MBA candidates as a possible future candidate myself.

Amazing podcast!

Love this podcast, great tips for finding a career or starting your own business as an entrepreneur. I’ll be listening to all of these