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Become a Smarter Founder, Operator, or Investor

1,000+ hours of research and writing.

50+ deep dives on world-class founders.

Hundreds of unique insights you can apply in your career.

As Charlie Munger famously said, “There are answers worth billions of dollars in a $30 history book.”

I believe this wholeheartedly.

You can avoid a lot of pain and discover a breakthrough from the right ideas.

But you have to be looking for them.

Because I spend 20-30 hours each week researching and writing about world-class founders, I’m always discovering unique insights and ideas.

Now I’m sharing the best insights with you in a simple product called Insights.

It’s a product that will be consistently updated with new insights as I research a new founder every week.

The product is now available below:

What’s the Main Benefit of an Insights Subscription?

Becoming a smarter founder, investor, or operator.

You’ll learn new ideas and how incredible companies were built.

Want to know what world-class founders think about hiring, customer acquisition, culture, and more?

That’s all included in Insights.

It’s a product that’ll save you hundreds of hours you’d have to spend to gather these insights - I’ve done that work for you.

You’ll discover ideas you can apply to your business, career, and life.

What Does the Insights Product Include?

The product itself is a database built in Notion.

This is what I’m calling “V1” but it’ll constantly be updated and improved based on feedback from subscribers.

There are categories of insights on everything from hiring to decision-making to culture to founder mentality. Dozens of different tags which I’ve applied to hundreds of individual insights from my research of world-class founders.

Subscribe Today Before the Price Increases

Insights is a product that becomes more valuable every month as new founder insights are added and as I make improvements to the product itself.

Pre-order pricing was $99/year and the product is now $199/year before I raise the price again, likely every quarter.

I’ve put hundreds of hours into researching and creating Insights and you can get all of the benefits for less than $20 per month, finding ideas that you can apply to your life from world-class founders past and present.

Want to buy multiple subscriptions? Email me at [email protected] for group discounts.