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Just Go Grind with Justin Gordon

Just Go Grind with Justin Gordon

On The Just Go Grind Podcast, host Justin Gordon, the Director of Marketing at Vitalize Venture Capital, interviews entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, and other go-getters to pull out the tips, tactics, strategies, and insights to help you build your company.

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#327: Eric Satz of Alto, on Reimagining Retirement Investing, Failing Fast, and Redefining Luck

May 9, 2022

is the founder and CEO of . Alto is the leading platform that empowers everyday investors to diversify their IRAs by investing in alternative assets such as private equity, venture capital, real estate, loans, and cryptocurr…

#326: Maika Isogawa of Webacy, from Acrobat to Tech Startup Founder Building the Future of Digital Asset Management

April 25, 2022

is the Founder and CEO of , a platform for securing digital assets for the unexpected. Maika is a former professional acrobat and performer for the Cirque Du Soleil brand of shows. She is also a Stanford '20 alumnus with a s…

#325: Alex Taub, Co-Founder of Upstream, on DAOs, NFTs, and Approaching Transition with Conviction

April 11, 2022

Alex Taub is the co-founder and CEO of Upstream, a no-code all-in-one DAO builder.

Special: The Vitalize Podcast - Running Lean and Building in the Right Direction, with Jennifer Smith of Scribe

March 28, 2022

Jennifer Smith is the Co-Founder and CEO of Scribe, a software tool that makes it easy to learn from your most productive people without slowing them down by automatically generating step-by-step tutorials for any task, whil…

Special: The Vitalize Podcast - Taking AgeTech from Niche to Mainstream, with Max Zamkow of Third Act Ventures

March 24, 2022

Max Zamkow is the Managing Partner at Third Act Ventures, an early-stage venture firm investing in AgeTech - technology for older adults and their caregivers. Third Act Ventures invests in founders revolutionizing aging, and…

#324: Brenton Howland of Forum Brands, on Innovating through Acquisition to Turn Consumer Brands into Household Names

March 21, 2022

Brenton Howland is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Forum Brands, a platform of category-leading e-commerce brands built for the everyday consumer. They provide exit options to entrepreneurs, use technology to help scale small b…

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