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Just Go Grind with Justin Gordon

Just Go Grind with Justin Gordon

On The Just Go Grind Podcast, host Justin Gordon, the Director of Marketing at Vitalize Venture Capital, interviews entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, and other go-getters to pull out the tips, tactics, strategies, and insights to help you build your company.

Recent Episodes

#302: Nicholas Hinrichsen on How Clutch turns Credit Unions into FinTech companies, Raising from a16z, and Hiring Talent in LATAM

Oct. 18, 2021

Nicholas Hinrichsen is the co-founder of Clutch, a SaaS company working to turn credit unions into FinTechs, while helping you to refinance your auto loan and save thousands in minutes. Nicholas used to be an avid golfer, pl…

#301: Introducing Vitalize Angels: Angel Investing for Everyone (Gale Wilkinson Interview)

Sept. 23, 2021

Vitalize Angels offers "angel investing for everyone" and in this special episode of the Just Go Grind podcast, Gale Wilkinson and Justin Gordon take you behind the scenes to tell you how they, and the Vitalize team, did it.…

#300: Zach Evans and Justin Gordon Reflect on Entrepreneurial Strategy, Growth, and Networking to Build Their Online Businesses

July 19, 2021

Zach Evans, my best friend since high school, is a pianist, producer, and kick-ass entrepreneur who turned his passion for piano into a business that’s done more than $1 million in revenue in 3 years. He’s been featured on C…

#299: Naomi Shah, Founder and CEO at Meet Cute, a New Entertainment Brand Changing Listening Behavior with Scripted Audio Content

July 5, 2021

Naomi Shah is the Founder and CEO of Meet Cute, a venture-backed media company that has produced over 300 original light-hearted romantic comedies in podcast form. The company celebrates human connection and the full spectru…

#298 - Talking Venture: Jarrid Tingle, Managing Partner at Harlem Capital

June 28, 2021

Jarrid Tingle is Managing Partner of Harlem Capital where he focuses on deal sourcing, organizational strategy, and due diligence efforts. Jarrid was featured on the 2019 Forbes 30 under 30 list, 2019 Inc. 30 under 30 list, …

#297: Jon Dahl, Co-Founder and CEO of Mux, a Video Platform for Developers, on The Changing Landscape of the Video Industry and Unexpectedly Becoming a Hyper Growth Startup

June 21, 2021

Jon Dahl is the Co-Founder and CEO at Mux, where he builds software to help online video get better. Before that, he was Co-Founder of Zencoder, and then VP of Technology at Brightcove, two pioneering companies in the world …