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Just Go Grind with Justin Gordon

On The Just Go Grind Podcast, host Justin Gordon, the Director of Marketing at Vitalize Venture Capital, interviews entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, and other go-getters to pull out the tips, tactics, strategies, and insights to help you build your company.

Recent Episodes

#338: Analisa Goodin of Catch+Release, on Market Leadership, Fundraising as a Creative, Enabling Brand Resonance, and Improv for Team Building

Aug. 8, 2022

Analisa Goodin is the founder and CEO of Catch+Release, a venture-backed startup that supports brands in building authentic, award-winning ad campaigns, while ensuring the creators are being compensated for their work.

#337: Herb Coakley of Courial, on Building People-First Technology, Learning to Code, and Persevering through Failures

Aug. 1, 2022

Herb Coakley is the Founder and CEO of Courial, a last-mile courier service that’s empowering gig workers nationwide with their people-first approach to technology. Created by gig-workers for gig-workers, their state of the …

#336: Josh Dorkin of BiggerPockets, on Building One of the World’s Top Business Podcasts and Real Estate Communities, Trusting your Gut, and Knowing When to Exit

July 25, 2022

Josh Dorkin is the Founder, former CEO (2004 - 2018), former podcast host, and current board member of , a complete resource for learning and succeeding in real estate investing, bringing education, support, and tools togeth…

#335: Linda Lian of Common Room, on Navigating Foundational Pivots on the Path to Product Market Fit and Building a Pandemic-Age Startup Serving Modern SaaS Companies

July 18, 2022

Linda Lian is the CEO and Co-Founder of Common Room, the first and only intelligent community growth platform that gathers community engagement, product usage, and customer data into a single place.

#334: Ryan Buick of Canvas, on Democratizing Data for Business Intelligence, Leveraging Unique Market Positioning, and Building an MVP while Fundraising

July 11, 2022

Ryan Buick is the Co-Founder of Canvas, a collaborative data exploration tool for business teams to automate manual reporting, build dashboards, and answer ad-hoc questions without SQL.

#333: Harry Campbell of The Rideshare Guy, on Building a Lifestyle Media Company for Gig Workers, Finding Quality Content Contributors, Hacking Referral Systems, and Diversifying Revenue Streams

July 4, 2022

Harry Campbell is the Founder & CEO of The Rideshare Guy: a blog, YouTube channel, podcast, course, and book for Uber and Lyft drivers and others in the gig economy, dedicated to empowering them and helping them earn more mo…