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Want me to share your company’s story?

Now’s your chance.

Through the Just Go Grind Partner Program, we’ll work together to create a 2,000 - 5,000 word post about your company, sharing it with our 24,000+ founders, operators, and investors in the Just Go Grind newsletter.

As part of this paid program, I’ll interview your company’s founder to get the full story of your company and share that story through the lens of the founder, similar to the format of my deep dives.

How do you know if your company is a good fit?

While there are no set guidelines at this time as to which companies I’ll cover as part of the Partner Program, the first company we worked with was Attio, a company that recently raised a $23.5 million Series A and has grand ambitions to reinvent CRM. The second company was Attention, an innovative sales AI platform.

I’m most interested in covering companies that are doing something innovative, have found creative ways to grow, or just have an incredibly interesting story for one reason or another.

Previous sponsored deep dives as part of my Partner Program:

Want to work together?

Send a message to [email protected].